Introducing Surfers Paradise Swimming Club 'SPSC'

Dive into the refreshed identity of Surfers Paradise Swimming Club (SPSC) with our latest project in the portfolio. We embarked on a journey to redefine SPSC's brand presence, crafting a dynamic and cohesive rebranding strategy that captures the essence of their coastal spirit and commitment to excellence. From conceptualization to execution, we meticulously designed a versatile brand identity, complete with extended brand assets and a range of lockups. Explore how SPSC's new visual identity makes a splash, reflecting their passion for swimming and their vibrant community in Surfers Paradise, Queensland."

design brief

  • Evolve the traditional 'angel fish' icon into a modern and versatile logo that pays homage to the clubs heritage while reflecting its forward thinking approach and commitment to innovation
  • I watched my own son in swim squads for years learning the 'dolphin kick' which informs the new iconic logo mark!
  • Integrate the signature hot pink color prominently into the new brand identity, preserving its association with SPSC's vibrant personality and distinguishing it from competitors in the market.
  • Develop a diverse range of custom lockup options for the logo to accommodate various use cases and applications, including horizontal, vertical, stacked, and icon-only configurations, ensuring flexibility and consistency across all branding collateral.
  • Create a comprehensive suite of brand assets, including typography, color palettes, and patterns to maintain visual coherence and reinforce brand recognition across all touch points and channels.

Existing logo for SPSC

Primary logo horizontal lockup

livery logo icon

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