We are visual
story tellers.

Grow your business with creative design solutions that build trust and increase authority with your audience.

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Logo Design

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Graphic Design

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Web Design

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Graphic Design Studio

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Website Design

We collaborate with key stakeholders in your business to discover various 'user profiles'. This insight assists us design and develop your website to build trust and authority with your audience.

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Graphic Design

Our graphic design studio offers visual communication solutions‍
Work with a studio that understands how to grow your brand equity.

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Logo Design

You have an opportunity to build solid brand equity through well considered visual assets.
Your logo is simply one element of your entire brand story.

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Visual Developer

With the rise of the 'no-code' movement. TLW are well versed in UI/UX best practice and offer website design and development in the WEBFLOW platform.

For new SME businesses, this means TLW services extend beyond brand identity design, as we develop your entire digital presence online.

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Visual Story Tellers...

YOUR PROSPECTIVE & EXISTING CLIENTS are the audience to your brand story.

Tell that story through strategic, well considered and professional visual communication solutions enabling you to build trust, grow authority and brand equity for your business.

From brand identity and website design to product packaging and signage solutions, we position your business through your visual 'brand story'.

TLW collaborate with you to define the varying user profiles within your target audience!

  • Brand Identity design
  • Strategic User profiling
  • Marketing collateral
  • Retail, signage, packaging
  • Website design + development
3 / 3 — The Little Workshop creates your online presence! Selling products or your unique service?
2 / 3 — Looking for a new or refreshed Brand identity or even just a logo design?
1 / 3 — We create remarkable design solutions for businesses all around the world

Positioning your business  to truly stand out.

We don't only design logos, we develop your brand story and visually position your business. We design outstanding brand assets and marketing collateral which fosters impressive brand recognition.

Don't underestimate the importance of conveying a truly professional, considered and trustworthy brand identity.


Creating your visual brand story...

  • With curiosity, we listen, interpret and really understand your business.
  • With passion, we apply our expertise in business strategy/knowledge, branding, marketing and visual communication.
  • We design remarkable brand assets (your logo included) and marketing collateral to elevate your business and create your WOW factor.

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Graphic design systems
@ The Little Workshop


Step 1. Design Brief

We meet 'face to face' and do something not all  designers offer, 'deep listening'.
In really understanding your business, we discover your true brand story and begin the journey to tell your story through creative, well considered and intelligent design solutions.

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Step 2. Research

We research, we research and then we research some more. We have a crazy desire to really know your industry and understand your competition. To position your brand correctly, we need to absolutely determine where 'you' fit.

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Step 3. Design

We begin the creative process with pencil on paper! (yep, old school but still the best way to create).
Our concept ideations are revealed and we collaborate with you to finalise designs on your project.

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