Step 1. Design Brief

We meet 'face to face' and The Little Workshop do something not all other designers do, 'deep listening'.
In really understanding your business, we discover your brand story and that is how our design process begins.


Step 2. Research

We research, we research and then we research some more. We have a crazy desire to really know your industry and understand your competitors. To position your brand correctly, we need to determine where you fit.


Step 3. Design

We always begin the creative process with pencil on paper! (yep, old school but still the best way to create).
Our concept ideations are revealed and we collaborate with you to finalise designs on your project.


Step 4. Development

When creating a new brand identity, we work with the primary logo and develop assets and marketing collateral to compliment this.
A complete visual communication strategy is important for a consistent on brand message.


Step 5. Launch

Whether launching a new website, ecommerce Shopify store or a new retail outlet, we are with you every step of the way. We collaborate with our suppliers (signage, photographers etc) to ensure your brand is outstanding and provides the WOW factor.


Step 6. Support

So you're off and running with your beautiful and amazing new brand. The Little Workshop is never really 'finished' just as your marketing never will be. We remain in contact with our Clients and develop long lasting relationships.

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