Introducing Quantum Inspection Services...

A small business in a growth phase. Jude, (one of the loveliest Client's on the planet!) wanted to elevate his business branding as his business starts to attract more work. Jude is a dedicated NDT specialist who understands to succeed in business you need to invest in solid design solutions!

Potential office building signage!

design brief

After meeting Jude and collaborating on how he sets himself apart in such a niche field, we set about creating his new brand identity. We have modernised his existing logo and elevated the level of professionalism presented by Quantum. As Jude is in a growth phase with Quantum, he really needed to ensure his staff on various sites around Australia were dressed in branded site gear to present his business in the most professional manner. This is a young Client that is starting out the right way...

design rationale

In creating concepts for the new brand @ Quantum, I played on a modernised version of the 'quantum atom' symbol as used in their original logo.

Quantum's old logo

I wanted to incorporate the Q letterform within the logo mark as well as the appearance of movement and atoms.

Various layouts and versions including the full name and simply Quantum have been created and a full logo asset library delivered digitally to Jude for future use.

A great experience to work in such a niche field and an industry sector that I spent most of my 'pre-designer' life in.

Quantum livery concepts

high vis work shirt for Quantum site staff
Quantum branded high vis vest for site staff
black on black - stylish yet professional - this Client is young so keeping the designs slightly 'cool' is a must!

Design features

  • strongly designed
  • professional polished logo
  • logo must be legible on high vis livery

Imagine the possibilities for your new business with a graphic design studio that delivers creative solutions like this!

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