Introducing Dantes WHITE

A new and contemporary direction for Dante's Coffee Roasters with their 500g packaging.

Utilising their brand assets and adding a more youthful aesthetic for their new size offering, Dante's hope to capture a wider audience for their delicious coffee products.

concept options for new packaging - 500g white

design brief

Create a new clean, bold and contemporary package design for a new line of 500g whole coffee beans. On WHITE package. Dante's requested the teal colour as they were using it in other areas of the business.

See below their existing brand packaging which is more luxe, high end and art deco inspired. So you can see the new direction is a complete 180 from their primary packaging solutions.

Note the removal of the linework heart icon in the new white package to keep it super clean.

Design features

  • beautifully designed
  • professional package design
  • clean bold typographic treatment
  • Must attract immediate consumer on-shelf attention

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