A Logo tells part of your business story (business story = brand). It is the actual 'graphic mark' that is most recognisable by the consumer. Think Coca-Cola, Apple and Nike. These logo marks below are their most recognised business asset.

Highly recognised logo marks worldwide

Even though you all recognise these logos - there are other 'brand assets' that these businesses employ to tell their individual brand 'story'. Each business has an opportunity to have their customer 'experience' the business at multiple touch points. (think, walking into a store, landing on a website, being handed a business card at a function) Any one of these opportunities gives an 'impression' or evokes a 'feeling' - it is that elusive warm and fuzzy feeling that we call your BRAND. Your business brand is a hugely valuable asset to your business if you have nurtured that customer experience and built positive experiences and trust. And if you haven't then your brand isn't worth much at all. But lets focus on the positive!

Many design elements together (including your logo) become your overarching BRAND IDENTITY or as I like to say, elements we use to tell your BRAND STORY.

Using combinations of logo marks, graphic elements, marketing, packaging design, signage, website design and colour palettes, all aligned within a predefined brand 'guideline', these Companies ensure their brand remains consistent at every visual touchpoint to their consumer.  Look at the CocaCola website landing page below - they use their logo and other brand assets strongly as a visual anchors on their home page - the graphic element of their product packaging front and centre with again their Coca Cola RED and the logo embedded literally in the middle of the page - you can NOT miss it.  Very strong visual design. You can see why these global brands remain at the forefront of their industries.

Cellpoint, a Client of The Little Workshop required a new Logo.  With a new store set to launch and plans to expand into more locations in Western Australia, we took their existing business logo and created a more professional logo that was more aligned to their industry and target audience. You can start to see their 'brand story' emerge when that logo is applied to in store illuminated signage.

Selected Client Logo
illuminated in store signage

In summary, your logo is simply one element of your brand identity - there can be many more dependent on how you market your business to the world. Think of how your brand identity (and all those visual marketing assets) can tell your 'story' to your target audience.  

Investing in professional graphic design ensures your visual communication remains professional, intelligent and remarkable.