We don't all aspire to have a brand identity as globally recognised as Chanel - and that's OK.

So, you're starting your own business and you need a logo, or a brand, or a design system, Um - actually you don't really know what you need and why you need it and that's totally OK - and very normal.

You are more than likely very experienced and have a great deal of knowledge and skill in the business you are about to begin. Think of the time, energy and  development it has taken you to become an expert your field. So much so that you now expect people to pay you for that wealth of knowledge? Awesome. You're going to need to present as a professional in your field.

How do you build trust and authority in your particular field of expertise?

It all begins with your 'visual' communication. From the time you hand across your business card or a prospective Client visits your website or ecommerce store. That very first interaction with your business is the beginning of a relationship with your BRAND! This is possibly the make or break of that relationship progressing any further...

How to understand which colours resonate best with your ideal customer?

Invest in professional design.

A solid brand identity means your business will be considered as professional in your industry and has the potential to elevate you amongst your competition. Without investing in a professionally created logo and brand identity system, you are at risk of not being taken seriously. All that effort to build your business and take the leap to stand on your own - make sure your branding doesn't let you down.

Engaging a professional designer ensures you have a personal relationship with your designer, they understand your business and your market.  They will create remarkable logo and brand assets with gold standard industry software ensuring you have all the file types you will ever need. You are provided with a professional and full LOGO ASSET LIBRARY and when you need further marketing or visual communication design solutions you have already built a relationship with your designer who understands your ideal customer profiles and creates design solutions relevant to your business.

Using a professional designer will also ensure your business has a 'brand style guide'. This means every single piece of information coming out of your new business looks consistent, professional and on brand. Never lose an opportunity to brand your business and ensure your designer offers innovative brand strategy and design solutions.

Let us do the work we are professionally trained to do.

Just as you are the expert in your field, it is wise to engage a professionally trained graphic designer to create your brand identity and ongoing design solutions to ensure you have the best possible launch of your new business. There are too many small business that don't understand the value of investing in professional graphic design and believe they can 'do it themselves' - these are the business owners that end up coming to a professional design team when they realise their mistake and they're not gaining any traction with their new business venture.

Feel free to give us a call anytime to discuss your business design needs as we 're always happy to help.