Introducing Impact Theory.  Igniting human potential!

So this guy is crazy good. Tom Bilyeu - described as a 'serial entrepreneur and thought leader'.

Tom interviews remarkable and outstanding individuals that have real impact in the world in various areas. You know those times when you check your emails and you start deleting them rapidly to try and reduce the load - well the IMPACT THEORY emails are NEVER deleted, I always save them to watch when I have the time. I really like to sit with a fresh coffee and take it all in - his interviews really are that good.

Even the introduction to each episode is brilliant and Tom's (or his teams) outstanding research into their background is evident during the beginning of each show.

Image Credit | straight from Impact Theory website Tom | hope you don't mind?

Here is a little bit about him if you're interested in researching further - I encourage you to watch some of the episodes that speak to you. Honestly some of these interviews are mind blowing!


Here is a great piece Tom wrote that is super inspirational to me - I hope it helps you too:


Some of my all time favourite episodes on Impact Theory:

Tom is a master interviewer and just as I'm thinking in my head - ooooh ooh I hope he asks this deeper dive question - he always does!

Oh my goodness - it's now Feb 13th 2019 and I just watched THE BEST EPISODE TO DATE (raw emotion alert) so I just had to add to this... Guess who Tom interviewed...


Watch that episode by clicking below:

Tom & Marie - impact plus!!!