What an opportunity - to work with a surfing club right here in Perth Western Australia!

One of our groms in action on the new TJBR HOME PAGE

TJBR Trigg Junior Boardriders

I was lucky enough to work on an entire refresh of the TJBR website for my son's junior surfing club Trigg Junior Boardriders right here in Western Australia.  

So cool to have creative freedom on this one. Of course the site was built entirely in WEBFLOW and really elevated the the Clubs web presence.

The images were super inspiring of the kids having a go and getting involved in outdoor sports. The opportunity to work in the surf community was so much fun.

The sponsor logo carousel on the HOME PAGE utilise a tiny bit of custom code which creates that fluid and seamless effect. I enjoyed working on this site as it's rare to be able to put your own touches on a site as it's almost always Client driven, so this was a great opportunity for The Little Workshop.

Feel free to visit the new site and witness 1st hand the awesome surfing by the kids at the Club.