Introducing Brezel Brothers

A new take on grab and go pretzels. Set apart by their Swiss premium quality and heritage, Brezel Brothers bring a new direction in office catering, grab and go snacks and truly great coffee.

With a contemporary yet Swiss inspired design brief, Brezel Brothers were insistent on clean lines and a menu system that was super easy for the staff to edit, perhaps even on a daily basis.

Logo rework

Brezel Brothers had an existing logo that The Little Workshop tweaked to ensure alignment with Swiss Governmental guidelines pertaining to the use of the Swiss Coat of Arms. We created a dynamic flag icon as a replacement. The result is a cohesive logo mark that remained true to its origins and the Client was thrilled with the result.

Custom signage fabrication by Artek Signs

The relationship with our signage team at Artek was key in delivering a great signage solution for Brezel Brothers. The feedback has been overwhelming that this tenancy stands out from its competitors within the Raine Square redevelopment. Why not check it out for yourself and try one of their delicious brezels at the same time! That is the feedback we strive for with every project we deliver. If our Clients stand out, we have done our job!

The Little Workshop designed a menu board system that included custom iconography and a clean sans serif type face for legibility. Working closely with the team at Artek Signs to hand craft this custom piece was not only a challenge but super fun to watch as it came to life on the flat bed machines! The Client was very impressed with the design and fabrication of their new menu system.

Each individually cut letter is hand sanded and fabricated for artisan quality signage.


  • beautifully designed
  • hand crafted
  • custom solution - one of a kind
  • easy changeout of menu items for staff

Imagine the possibilities for your new business with a graphic design studio that can deliver this visual communication from a simple idea!

Are you ready?  Let’s work together!