Introducing Design Tribe WA

The Little Workshop collaborate closely with Design Tribe WA as their exclusive Graphic Design partner. Not only have we created the Design Tribe WA brand and all affiliated marketing material, we have helped many of their clients with their graphic design solutions. With work across industries such as the retail, hospitality and commercial sectors, the graphic design work is always varied and super challenging. With Design Tribe WA as the commercial interior design specialists and The Little Workshop producing the visual communication piece of the puzzle, our Tribe is a very strong competitor in the WA market.

Design collaboration at its best!

Collaborating with Design Tribe WA is a fantastic and integral element of the services provided by The Little Workshop. The challenging signage and other custom graphic work that comes from this partnership has definitely stretched our creative skills and we are proud of the work you can see about town - it's actually pretty cool to see your design literally up in lights!

  1. Brand identity
  2. Website
  3. Business documentation
  4. Marketing

Turning an old bank space into a modern gym is just one of the projects The Little Workshop have collaborated on:

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